Jere Myers is the Face of European Antiques

jere myers of jere's antiques is the face of european antiques

Meet Jere Myers. It’s hardly descriptive enough to call Jere’s Antiques Inc. an Antique Store. With 33,000 square feet of space, “stacked, racked and packed” with an incredible variety of beautiful Antique Furniture from the 17th, 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries, it’s more than a store — it’s a stroll through history. 

Look under, above and around and you’ll find fantastic items far beyond your typical antiques store in all styles, all woods, all ages and all prices, ranging from $50 to $100,000 and everywhere in between. Jere Myers maintains his own warehouse in England and has buyers and pickers that work for him throughout Britain and on the Continent in Belgium, Holland and France. Jere’s has averaged unloading a 40 ft. high cube container of antique furniture into his warehouse in Savannah every two weeks of the year for the past 43 years. Jere’s buyers in Europe work hard to find the nicest, cleanest, most unique antique furniture at the best price to allow Myers to do what he has done for 43 years —Be “The Place For Buying European Antiques in the United States” and to be “The Face of European Antiques” in this country. / 912.236.2815