Surviving The Test of Time: Jarad Brown ~ Certainty Home Loans

As he has risen through the ranks, Jarad Brown has made it his mission to lift up those around him, embodying Certainty Home Loans’ philosophy of “people first” and creating a team that helps lift up the entire community.

Photo by Blake Crosby

If you want a mortgage company that is more about community than profit, look no further than the Certainty Home Loans team. Savannah born and bred, they are proven leaders in the home loan industry giving big banks a run for their money.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

My inspiration to become an entrepreneur came while working as a firefighter with Southside Fire. I was newly married with a young son. We found ourselves rolling nickels to buy food and diapers to get by. I was working random part-time jobs to supplement my income. I knew that I had a set of skills I was not utilizing, and while I was proud of the work I was doing, it was not providing for the needs of my growing family. Leaving the fire department for a commission-based job was a huge risk, but I knew to get ahead I would have to take that leap. With the encouragement and confidence of my wife at the time, and close family, I decided to dive headfirst into mortgage lending.

If you could change history

Work-life balance has always been a struggle for me. If I could turn back the clock, I would take more time to be present in my home life. To get ahead in business, sacrifices are needed, but time with those you love cannot be recaptured.

Career Highlight

Easily the promotions I have been able to give within my company. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to personally promote five people from entry level positions. Celebrating those achievements brings me more joy than celebrating my own.

Biggest Challenge

In early 2020, the office was decimated when three quarters of the employees departed to our competition down the street. For the ones who stayed, the future of our office hung in the balance. We had to rebuild from scratch, amid the backdrop of a pandemic that was changing the way we did business on a grand scale. With help from the corporate office, we were able to steady the ship. Since that time, the office has brought on five new employees and we have gotten production back to levels seen before February 2020.

Best advice

Authenticity is key when gaining the trust of your clientele. Make who you are shine through your brand and never apologize for standing firm to your true self.

Motto to live by

Our company motto is “people first,” and that’s what we aim to live up to daily. My personal motto is “with certainty comes confidence.”

Secret to Success

I have always felt that establishing real relationships with clients and referral partners is what ensures our success. It is important to cultivate the type of relationship where there is effortless communication, and an understanding that we are in this together. No matter the situation or what arises, together we are stronger and better.

Jarad Brown
Certainty Home Loans
Savannah, GA.

Year established

[2011] [2000 as WR Starkey Mortgage, LLP.]

Average number of employees


Favorite charities:

Certainty Home Loans has Given over $100,000 to local charities; Lymphoma Leukemia Society, Tiny Homes Project, SD Gunner Fund.

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