Jamie Weaver is the Face of Photography

jamie weaver is the face of dream weaver photos – photo: david humphries 

Meet Jamie Weaver. Running photo shoots. Renting photo booths. Hosting a website for Savannah Wedding Vendors. Scheduling monthly meetings for people in the wedding industry. Jamie Weaver juggles a lot, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. 

“We try to have a lot of fun,” she said. “My idea of fun is for [my couples] to not have to worry and be stressed about the photography or the timelines. I break everything into 15-minute increments, so I never miss a shot.” She comes prepared with the itinerary laminated and strapped to her arm, like a quarterback calling plays. “I love to spend my day with them, but they don’t want to spend their day with me,” she joked. Weaver is a connector above all things, creating a website for all Savannah wedding vendors when she saw a need in the area. “At first, there were like 75 vendors, now there’s 600,” she noted. Weaver values community over competition, and fun above all. dreamweaverphotos.com / 912.484.7990