Jackson & Schiavone

The best defense attorney in Savannah? Mike Schiavone is the name that comes up most often, for good reason.

Mike Schiavone is a criminal defense attorney they make movies about. Really, they did. The 1988 film ‘Murder One,’ is about his client, prison-escapee and killer Carl Isaac. Mike has been making headlines every since.

Since 1982, Schiavone has been at the center of criminal and civil trials in the Savannah area. Whether it’s criminal defense, malpractice, or personal injury, Schiavone can handle the heat.

He’s earned a reputation for being one of the best defense attorneys in Georgia and certainly one of the most famous, from the retrial of Carl Isaacs in the 1980s to the successful self-defense trial of “Miss Savannah” Nikki Redmond in 2005.

Schiavone’s experience and brilliant legal mind enable him to build a winning defense for charges from DUI to murder.

As a fellow attorney wrote: “He has an amazing gift for finding legal arguments that others (including the state) just don’t see. His clients are very fortunate to have him represent them.”

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