Jackson & Schiavone

The best defense attorney in Savannah? Mike Schiavone is the name that comes up most often, for good reasons.

In 1974, law student Mike Schiavone—then in his third year for his master’s at the University of West Florida—discovered that law students could take the bar exam in Georgia before they graduated. Schiavone and a couple of friends drove up and took the test blind. No studying. No practice. Just the vast amount of knowledge Schiavone already had under his belt.

“Four or five months later, I got this letter in the mail saying I passed it,” he said with a laugh. “I was still in my third year.” Mike Schiavone—one half of Jackson & Schiavone—is certainly the criminal defense attorney they make movies and books about. His career has seen success and fame, but he’s still representing the folks of the Lowcountry.

Since 1982, Schiavone has been at the center of criminal and civil trials in the Savannah area. Whether it’s criminal defense, malpractice, or personal injury, Schiavone can handle the heat. He’s earned a reputation for being one of the best defense attorneys in Georgia and certainly one of the most famous, from the retrial of Carl Isaacs in the 1980s ( from which they actually did make a feature film, “Murder One”) to the successful self-defense trial of “Miss Savannah” Nikki Redmond in 2005.

Schiavone’s experience and brilliant legal mind enable him to build a winning defense for charges from DUI to murder. And with an incredible team behind him, there’s no better place to put your confidence than in Jackson & Schiavone.

Jackson & Schiavone can be reached at 912.232.2646 or visit schiavonelawgroup.com / 1111 Bull St, Savannah, Ga 31401