How to Wake up America

Evan Hafer was disappointed at the lack of good coffee in the military, but he didn't let that stand in the way of enjoying his morning cup. When he was off duty, he started experimenting with roasts and brews, and eventually bought himself a roaster, which he took with him the next time he was deployed. When he came back for good, he wanted to continue doing a service to his men, so he started Black Rifle Coffee Company.  

“Believe me, you need coffee in the military,” laughs PR Director Mike Semanoff, also a veteran. “You’re always sleep deprived. I never drank coffee before I joined, but as soon as I did I knew it was game on with the caffeine.” 

Of the variety of blends Black Rifle now offers, the founder's favorite is the JB, or "Just Black," designed to be the perfect flavor for those who prefer to go without the cream and sugar. You always have the option, but it's best on its own.   

Even as it expands, the company maintains its distinctly military feel, from the humor in its videos to the slogans on its swag, and they’re always looking for ways to show support at military and veterans' events all over America.  

Evan Hafer is the CEO and founder of Black Rifle Coffee Company. To learn more about his coffee and the company, visit