How to Take on the Gulches Like a Pro

You will be able to take on more advanced terrain day and night and hone your driving skills if you add a few accessories to beef up you vehicle. 

1. Tires

A place like the Gulches can be hell on tires, so you need a set that can take everything the trail has to dish out and still keep that rugged grip you need to keep climbing. The Nitto Trail Grapplers pictured above combine road-hugging tread and supreme durability. Get yours at Premier Tire Distributors in Garden City, Georgia, (912) 495-5150.


2. Wheels

Just because you’re out there tearing up the toughest trails the South has to offer doesn’t mean you can’t look good doing it. The Metal Moto wheels pictured will have you tackling terrain in style. Get a set at Trinity Motorsports in Pooler, Georgia, (912) 348-3652, To accommodate bigger wheels, you need a little lift. We needed 2”, so we called up Predator Inc, in Orlando Florida for a custom kit for the Hummer.


3. Lighting 

You can’t blaze your own trail if you can’t see where you’re going. Light up the night with these super bright spotlights from Golights as well as the most powerful LED’s on the planet, the Southern Lite LED. Essential gear for when your day on the trail gets extended into the wee hours. All this lighting sits well on a light bar from Predator, Inc.,


4. Winch

The winch is the one piece of gear you want on your truck, but hope you never have to use. When you do need it, you’ll be glad you made the investment. The WARN Zeon pictured is a powerhouse, packing 10,000 pounds of single-line pulling capacity with a reel of their proprietary Spydura synthetic rope. Do not leave home without it. Warn Industries,


5. Installation

It is vital that you get a professional to install your gear. Wayne Smith at Safe and Sound in Savannah, GA  is one of the best. His install of the Golights and the LED bar looked factory perfect. Trinity Motorsports aced the install on the lift kit, wheels and tires. 


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