How to Solve Cases Like a Pro with Private Detective Blair Carson

Blair Carson

Being a private detective isn’t easy. It takes a particular set of skills. Blair Carson learned these skills in her experience in law enforcement.

If you’re looking for something, like maybe your not-so-injured employee dancing on tables and bar tops out on Tybee, or maybe your husband hiding out in the arms of another woman, Private Investigator Blair Carson will find it.

“It’s what I do, workers comp and adultery cases,” says Carson. “They’re the bread and butter.”

Before her career as a private investigator, Carson was a parole officer, which gave her some serious gumshoe gumption to find just about anyone. Like when a family from California needed to find their daughter who met a man online and ran off to Georgia to be with him.

Carson staked out the Valdosta airport and followed the young woman and older man to a low-slung ranch house tangled within West Georgia back roads.

“It was almost midnight and I was out there alone, no cell service, Google Maps was dead,” recalls Carson. “I took down the address, got back to town, and ran the information.”

Carson tracked the property to a family who had a son. The son’s name matched the first name that the young woman’s parents had given her. “I called them the next morning, and they were on a plane to Georgia the next day.” And like that the case was closed.

“It’s really the same 8 or 10 stories but usually with a surprise twist each time,” says Carson. “You do it long enough, you get really good at it.”

That’s right, Blair Carson will catch you.

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