How to dress like you speak French

lou doillon

Croissants, cigarettes and coffee are not the only thing that French women have in common. They also have an impeccable sense of timeless style. For the French, style is not a “fad” or a statement of social standing according to  how many walk-in closets you have in your boudoir. It is about chicness.. “Etre tres Chic” “To be Very Chic”.

These women’s wardrobe choices usually are based around “quality”, not “quantity”. Most of us are aware of the French’s obsession with luxury, handmade products (if not go to Louis Vuitton or Hermes and spend an hour or so handling their leather goods.. and checking the prices..) For that matter, I often wonder why the French Flag isn’t monogrammed with the ever present LV monogram that the fashion world is so inundated bye… something that the French take greatly with pride I might add… Actually I am also surprised that when you land at Charles de Gaulle that the immigration control doesn’t do a handbag check.. not to procure contraband firearms or narcotics, but to export immediately anyone carrying a bag with the mark of the beast “ Made in China”… These wardrobe staples are not only for the upper echelon, it is more a game of numbers. They have fewer pieces in their closet, maybe wearing the same blazer or jacket a few days a week, but it doesn’t matter because it always looks great. 

Rolling off my last statement- Wardrobe purchases usually also revolve a timeless and classic style or look. French style isn’t about trends or styles that will revolve out of your closet after a season; it’s about timeless and chic styles that will last you not only the season, but for years and years. Wearing monochrome, stripes, perfectly tailored coats and well fitted pieces is key. And because of the quality of the garment, they will look good year after year and probably patina with grace.. Now the trick is just keeping that chocolate and wine habit in control so that one can wear the same pieces for 10 years!

Lastly.. It is about confidence. French women are incredibly confident and thusly insanely sexy. They exude a confidence that is born within them, or perhaps seeps through their skin as they walk their lives throughout the most romantic city in the world. They don’t seem to be caught up in the same “idealistic Barbie looks” that Americans can get muddled up in and destroyed by. It is about a certain arrogance of not caring about conforming, but owing their look and rocking it like a Jagger.