How to Design a Foodie Kitchen

5 Tips to Transforming the Heart of Your Home

The kitchen is the heart of the home, especially when Southern cooking is involved. Whether you spend your time in the kitchen whipping up the finest hollandaise sauce this side of the Mississippi or you’re a dessert connoisseur whose cookies have made your baking skills somewhat of a hometown legend, these design tips will transform your kitchen into the trendy lab for all of those mouthwatering culinary concoctions. 

1. It Takes Two

If you’re always running out of space and have to hold off on certain sides or desserts you wanted to serve because you have no way to cook or store them, it’s time to up the ante on your appliances. What’s better than one trustworthy oven? Two! This idea of doubling up can be extended to every appliance you find you need more often than not. It could be a mini refrigerator under your kitchen island to keep wine, apps, and produce chilled. Maybe it’s a second sink to ensure you’ve got enough room to finish off the massive pile of dishes. Doubling up appliances can have a huge beneficial impact on your cooking processes, making you more productive and time efficient.  

2. Automated Accessories

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3. A Clean Space

Cooking when surrounded by clutter means a higher likelihood of mistakes and a sure promise of higher stress. The best way to achieve a clean design is to focus on using modern design elements and materials. Prioritize clean lines with organization being of utmost concern. Keeping things spick and span is not to say your kitchen has to be without personality. Use modern decorative objects that incorporate a balance of your tastes and modern, clean lines. Companies like Touch of Modern offer contemporary art pieces and décor options, along with plenty of gadgets and gizmos to give your kitchen some zest while still following that “clean” motif. 

4. Plenty of Lighting

How can you perfectly slice those filets or plate that delectable entrée without being able to see it? Lighting is so important in the foodie’s kitchen. If you have access to natural light, by all means, let it in. Open up the blinds, and instead of using thick window treatments, stick to sheer offerings that can soften the look of your newly clean lines but not obstruct the natural light that’s streaming in. When it comes to artificial lighting, your best bet is to find sources that mimic natural rays. Avoid those gross fluorescents—that sickly glow won’t make those delicious plates look appetizing. 

5. The Power of Nature

Make sure you bring the best of the outdoors into your kitchen. Whether it’s greenery right from your backyard or an order of fresh flowers delivered right to your door, incorporating the best of Mother Nature in your kitchen is a wonderful way to breathe life into the space. Beyond improving air quality and simply looking great, creating the freshest dishes means utilizing the freshest of ingredients. You can only do so by having those ingredients on hand whenever foodie inspiration strikes. Install an indoor herb garden for your kitchen. If you want to save counter space, install mason jars of all sizes on the wall and plant your favorite herbs. Your kitchen will look and smell delicious, and your meals (and friends and family who get to eat them) will definitely benefit. If you want something pre-assembled, check out

Incorporate these design schemes into your kitchen to make for a foodie oasis and enjoy the cooking process more than ever before.