How Much Candy Satisfies Savannah's Sweet Tooth

Tears of joy and screams of glee are common reactions when people (particularly kids) walk into Savannah’s Candy Kitchen because, let’s face it, that much candy in one place is so high on the scale of too-good-to-be-true that it can get overwhelming. 

For those of you who feel that no amount of candy could be overwhelming, try wrapping your mind around two million pounds of it. That’s how much candy Savannah’s Candy Kitchen sold in the last year. Now try not to salivate onto your keyboard. 

Pralines are Savannah’s Candy Kitchen’s top seller, so it’s no surprise that when we break it down, 900,000 pounds of the overall sales are pralines. People don’t typically buy in bulk when they visit one of Savannah’s seven quaint locations, so how could they possibly sell almost a million pounds of pralines? The answer: online. Truth is, once people have one in store, they realize they can’t get enough of these creamy Southern Pecan Candies. 

“It happens all the time,” says Andrew Moelk, Information Systems Manager at Savannah’s Candy Kitchen. “Visitors leave the store with one, take a stroll around City Market or down River Street while they have a little dessert, and since they can’t fly a bunch home with them, they order more online.” 

This phenomenon is not limited to pralines. Between in-store and online traffic, Savannah’s Candy Kitchen also sells 400,000 pounds of chocolate-dipped candies; 350,000 pounds of their signature Gophers, which are also known as Turtles; and a 150,000-pound combination of taffy, candied nuts, sweet and savory popcorn, almond toffee, brittle, divinity and pecan log rolls. 

For those of you with a sweet tooth, may you never leave Savannah unsatisfied. 

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