How Loop It Up Savannah Provides Vital Support to Local Children and Families

For almost a decade Loop It Up Savannah has been seamlessly weaving its way through the often hardened exterior of community driven public works projects, evolving into something more akin to a necessity than just a volunteer after school program, and Molly Lieberman has been there, holding the reigns, since the very beginning.

A SCAD student at the start of Loop It Up in 2008, Lieberman remembers the first 10 elementary school students sitting patiently in a darkened afterthought of a room at the Broad Street YMCA. In the beginning Loop It Up Savannah was just as the named stated, an afterschool program for kids to learn knitting techniques. Lieberman realized pretty immediately that the creative endeavors most of these kids had experienced didn’t extend beyond anything more than coloring, so the complicated technique of casting on an off was completely foreign to them. Lieberman began thinking outside the box, offering projects that introduced new techniques to them and in turn offered them a completely new way of thinking.


The Soup It Up for Loop It Up event coming up on February 17th, 2017 marks the first year of their signature fundraising event, in which local chefs will compete for the title of the Golden Soup Bowl while generously raising funds to support Loop It Up Savannah’s programming for local youth and services to local families. Courtesy of Loop It Up Savannah.

After Loop It Up started, the Broad Street YMCA experienced a renovation that greatly increased community involvement and the program took on a mind of it’s own. “In 2015, Loop It Up became an independent Non-Profit,” says Liberman, “allowing us to bring creative arts programs to children of all ages throughout Savannah's schools, community centers and events! In addition to providing arts programming, we work closely with our student's families to make sure that as many basic needs are met as possible. We believe strongly in community and that each member of our community has special gifts which when shared will make this a better place to live— we all need help sometimes, and we all can give help sometimes, our goal is to support our families in achieving that balance.”

Reminiscing on the growth of Loop It Up, Liberman can’t talk without mentioning the community driven nature of Savannah that has helped propel the Nonprofit forward. “We have so many wonderful partnerships throughout the city that allow us to work with thousands of amazing children and families every year,” affirms Liberman, “Savannah has really embraced and supported us to grow into the organization we are proud to be — through partnerships, volunteers and an amazingly generous base of donors.” Still, she persists, there is a lot of growing planned for Loop It Up in 2017. Liberman plans to extend programs into the City Of Savannah Community Centers as well as the Public Library. Adds Liberman, “We are also moving into a new space which will allow us to eventually offer onsite programming. Our goal is to deepen and widen our presence throughout the city. We believe that art and opportunity for bold self expression should be everywhere! Savannah is fortunate to have so many community centers and organizations, and we are proud to bring art into as many of them as we possibly can!”


"We believe that art & opportunity for bold self expression should be everywhere!"


Loop It Up is always looking for volunteers to come play with the amazingly creative kids in our community, please email if you are interested. They also accept donations of art supplies, school uniforms and children's shoes (in good condition) as well as non-perishable food.

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