How El Rocko Lounge is Bringing Back an Era of Love

Ikeda Feingold perches on a bench at El Rocko Lounge and muses that, when she was growing up, people idealized the ’50s. “But I feel like now, with Millennials, the ’70s are kind of this romantic era,” she says. Feingold is the creator of Savannah’s newest –and only– bottled cocktail, a fruit and spice flavored vodka.

Its name, The 1970, represents the year she was born. Its flavor, a heady yet approachable profile, is informed by her family’s roots in Miyakazi, Japan

The idea for the drink came to Feingold as she perused a liquor store one day. Unimpressed with the selection of ready-made beverages, she looked into the matter.  

"I realized that there’s nothing out there that’s a high-quality bottled cocktail,” she says. “It just doesn’t exist."

That, combined with her observations in the bar scene alongside close friend and former partner Wes Daniel, was proof that there was a market for such a product. 

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