How Dr. Karen Cooper is Putting the "Extra" into "Extraordinary"

 Dr. Karen Cooper of Smile Designs by Karen Cooper – photo: d. paul graham 


How Dr. Karen Cooper is Putting the "Extra" Into "Extraordinary"

Even before you step foot inside Smile Designs by Dr. Karen Cooper, you know you’re in for something… a little bit out of the ordinary. A little bit extra. One part dental office and one part spa, the vibe here is relaxed, welcoming and unrepentantly different.

“It’s not your traditional office,” said Dr. Cooper. “But that’s just been me since the beginning.”

Finding herself one of the few female dental students at Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Cooper realized early on that she was going to take dentistry in a different direction which has proven to be advantageous for her patients. You’ll discover all the leading edge innovative treatments/equipments here – guided 3-D implant surgery, same day custom crowns, sleep apnea modalities and precision color blending techniques, but you’ll also find a sense of restful calm that actually makes a trip to the dentist – dare we say it – enjoyable.

“My patients always express how much fun they have here,” said Dr. Cooper. “Let’s face it – no one’s skipping to the dental office, usually. But what I do here helps them to overcome any anxiety they may be experiencing.”

That creative streak doesn’t just apply to the ambiance of the office. Dr. Cooper approaches each procedure with an artist’s eye, creating a beautiful smile that completes your whole look.

“I’ll hand-paint a cosmetic crown to match the patient’s surrounding teeth. Your whole face – nose, mouth, eyes – has to have symmetry,” she said. “It’s part of a whole.” 

It’s an artistic approach that complements a practice dedicated to skillful dentistry that looks at the world a little differently. / 912.920.6202

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