How Do you Know it's Time for a PT?

The art and science of physical therapy can fight pain and gives back lives.

The headlines have been screaming at us for years about the opioid epidemic, of how we are a nation awash in pain medication. And while the concern is aimed at those who would abuse these medications, it’s also worth noting the problem of those simply using them to mask chronic pain.

“If you’re taking these pain medications for an extended period, it’s not meant to cure the problem,” said physical therapist Jacque Beauchamp. “That’s not healthy living. That’s sticking your head in the sand.”

For many, this chronic pain can be treated through physical therapy, by addressing the underlying physical structure in your body that’s causing the pain. “I mean, it’s not like your body is feeling this pain just for the heck of it. There are underlying issues.”

Addressing those issues lies at the heart of the science of physical therapy. Whether for an injury or for chronic pain, these professionals seek out the underlying causes and meticulously work with the patient to alleviate them. “Our typical clients are individuals who experience pain with movement,” he said. “That’s what physical therapy helps treat; it’s what’s causing this pain through evaluation and then developing a…roadmap to regain full function without the pain.”

It can be a long, arduous process, but Beauchamp has seen successful results time and again, sharing in his patients’ triumph. “I had one patient who’d been told he’d never run again, and he was devastated. Running was his way of life,” said Beauchamp. “We were able to successfully treat him and I still get pictures of him achieving personal bests at marathons and half-marathons all over.”

If you’re experiencing chronic pain, don’t simply mask it. Seek out a qualified physical therapist, and with a little hard work you’ll be pain free. 

A Dynamic Duo
Cora Physical Therapy may be a national brand, but look closer and you’ll see local therapists who have been helping Savannahians for more than 40 years. Beauchamp had previously served as owner of Spine and Sport, and he joined forces with Becky West, previously owner of West Rehab and Sports Medicine to bring Cora Health to the Hostess City.


10 Benefits of Using a Physical Therapist

1. Reduce or eliminate pain.

2. Avoid surgery.

3. Improve mobility.

4. Recover from a stroke.

5. Recover from a sports injury.

6. Improve your balance and prevent falls.

7. Manage diabetes and vascular conditions.

8. Manage age-related issue.

9. Manage heart and lung disease.

10. Manage women's health and other conditions.