How Adoption Can Create the Family of Your Dreams!

In 2007, Dale and Brenda Hooks adopted a baby girl from China whom they named Anna Grace. Little did they know, their adoption of their daughter would ignite a spark in Anna Grace to adopt someone special into her own life one day…

Seven years later, one of Dale’s co-workers who is an animal rescue advocate reached out to the Hooks family about the importance of adoption when it comes to fuzzy family members, too! Anna Grace was enamored with the idea of following in her parents' footsteps of extending her love to someone in need of a family and agreed to take in an adorable little dog named Dixie on Valentine's Day 2014.

Dale believes, “It’s been really neat to watch the relationship they have built. Anna Grace takes her responsibility seriously. They share their time, temperament… even their bed! From the very beginning, Dixie has been her dog and she thinks it’s kind of neat that both she and Dixie are adopted."

Fast-forward two years later to 2016, and the Hooks have adopted another dog! The happiness that has been brought into their lives is unparalleled, and adoption truly created the family of their dreams.

If you want to take a cue from Anna Grace, who realizes the rewarding nature of adoption firsthand, you can adopt a fuzzy new friend of your own! Be sure to check out and search among hundreds of breeds to find a pet that will make the perfect addition to your growing family.


[Disclaimer: This article has been adapted and altered from its original print companion in the August/Sept. 2016 issue.] To read the full article, subscribe now or pick up the August/September issue of South magazine.