Hosting a Pool Party to Beat the Southern Summer Heat

There are benefits to sweating but, let’s face it—unless you’re in a steam room, it’s not very enjoyable. Sweat is inevitable here in the South, but we don’t have to give into it. Allow us to guide you in hosting a pool party beat the Southern summer heat. From decorations and tunes to fantastic fare, booze, and an ice cream bar, this won’t be any ordinary pool party.


Raise the Bar

Of course your mind went to booze, right? We don’t blame you. And, although a booze party without booze isn’t a pool party at all, there are plenty of bars to enjoy. If kiddos are going to be in attendance, an ice cream bar is a must. Grab a cute aluminum bin and fill it with ice and an ice cream scooper along with your favorite ice cream flavors. It will still likely melt fast so make sure everyone knows when this is ready to go! Have bowls with all the “fixings” ready to go (think nuts, whipped cream, cherries, personalized M&Ms, and more). If you really want to impress, set up a slow cooker or another kind of warmer to keep your hot fudge warm.

We love our oysters in the south, so imagine the delight of your guests when they see a fresh oyster bar set up and ready to go. Have plenty of fresh lemons and cocktail sauce on hand, too. A Bloody Mary bar would go perfectly with this idea.

And last but certainly not least is the traditional bar. Consider setting one up in advance with pre-made spiked lemonade, margaritas, and more—all so you can enjoy the party just as much as your guests. Cool down your beer-drinking buddies with a beer slushie. Take that, humidity!


Decorations Du’Jour

It’s just a pool party so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel, but there’s something festive about decorations here and there. Some colorful hanging lanterns, hurricane candles, and twinkling lights draped across the patio will go a long way to add ambience, especially if your pool party goes into the evening hours. Most pool parties worth their salt do! Festive pool rafts and floats are another way to make an impression. The giant donut pool float is one of our faves!

You could even consider making the pool party a luau, and match your theme with these awesome swim trunks for him and a lei for you. Need some “Pinspiration”? Simply type the word “luau” into the search button on Pinterest. From Hawaiian-themed decorations and clothes to food and drinks, you’ll get plenty of ideas.


Food, Food, and More Food

If you’ve ever read what Michael Phelps eats during one meal, you know that swimmers get hungry. Of course, most of us aren’t at the Olympic level but, still, the cold water sure does seem to stimulate our appetites. You probably don’t want to go with anything heavy like pizza, though, as everyone will be in and out of the pool. Think lighter fare like salads, sub sandwiches, and plenty of appetizers for those who like to graze. Blow your guests’ minds with a clever dessert to accompany your ice cream with something like a pool party cake or ice cream cookies.  


Let’s Talk Tunes

Music completes any shindig, and pool parties are no exception. Hook up your Bluetooth speakers and play your favorite 80s playlist to get everyone moving and grooving. If you haven’t seen these outdoor rock speakers yet, do so now, as they are the absolute best for piping in music poolside. Even better, get everyone in on the action with a Karaoke machine. Whether your friends are aspiring Frank Sinatras or current William Hungs, this always ensures pure entertainment. If you really want to go all out, consider hiring a DJ and set up an outdoor dance floor. Between the pool time and impromptu dance sessions, this party will be talked about for years to come.

Don’t succumb to the intense summer sweat. Beat the summer heat by hosting a pool party for the ages.