Honor the Fallen for the Fourth with Savannah Military Tours

Celebrating the Fourth of July with the Savannah Military Tours is a great way to honor your countries freedom and the veterans who fought for it.

Savannah Military Tours is an hour and a half long bus tour that travels from Forsyth Park to Battlefield Memorial Park featuring the most important memorials and monuments that honor veterans from the past. 


The Beginnings of Honoring the Fallen:

Since 2008, Michael Cates, the founder and tour guide of Savannah Military Tours has had a vision of getting into the tour business. Noticing that there weren't any city cameras featuring the beauty and rich history of Savannah, Cates started Savannah Cams. These cameras, which are placed throughout the Historic District, give a new angle on the city and allow locals, tourists and dreamers in far away places to view live footage of the city at any given time at SavannahCams.com.


Through his work with Savannah Cams, Cates realized that even though Savannah is a proud military town, there weren't many tours solely dedicated to Savannah's military heritage. So, he blended his love of military history and Savannah's incredible roots and created Savannah Military Tours


The Adventure Begins:

A great way to celebrate the Fourth of July is by showcasing the beauty of Savannah combined with the sentimental statues of fallen warriors on one of Cates' Savannah Military Tours. Leaving from the Webb Military Museum in the comfort of an air-conditioned van, the quest to see the memorials begins! This one and a half hour tour covers 18 of Savannah's squares and memorials. The tour starts with honoring Greene Square's statue of Nathaniel Greene and ends with Battlefield Memorial Park. Driving over ancient bricks on River Street and traveling around squares with thick oaks you'll get the chance to learn about Savannah's military past, present and future.


In case you needed a little push, here are 5 Reasons Why You Should Take the Tour

1. You can become a Savannah military history buff all in the comfort of an air-conditioned van.

2. You'll finally find out why Washington's guns are showcased on Bay Street.

3. It's a great way to honor the veterans who fought for our city, state, and country in this patriotic month.

4. $1 of every ticket sold goes to Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), which helps protect veterans and their rights.

5. It's a great way to make your kids' history class come to life. 


Don't miss these tour hot spots!

  • WW2 Monument
  • Washington's Guns
  • First African Baptist Church
  • Johnson Square


For more information about the Savannah Military tours visit savannahmilitarytours.com, or call 843-MIL-TOUR.