Historic Savannah's Boutique Hotels and Their Chic Restaurant Counterparts

Savannah's Historic District is home to a bevy of boutique hotels and their chic restaurant counterparts.

From southern cuisine to lowcountry fusion, these spots have it all. With in-house dining options this stunning, you'll think twice about venturing elsewhere for your meals.

1. 5 Oaks Taproom @ Hotel Indigo

Locals and visitors alike enjoy Hotel Indigo’s bustling kitchen and bar. The eatery is redefining the farm-to-table experience and boasts their commitment to sourcing their ingredients from farmers within a 90-mile radius and keeping their vast beer selection stocked with beers from Georgia only. Their industrial vibe and Southern flair puts a refreshing spin on Lowcountry dining while paying homage to the foodways of prior generations.
201 W Bay St, Savannah, GA / 912.236.4440 / fiveoakstaproom.com


2. Pacci @ The Brice

Airy and light, this Italian kitchen offers a vast selection of locally sourced delicacies. Located just off Washington Square, the beloved eatery manages to blend atmospheric and intimate, cozy and bright. Sip a Pacci Manhattan in the well-appointed bar or twirl a forkful of authentic Italian Capellini Mediteranneo under the stars in the Secret Garden Courtyard.
601 E Bay St, Savannah, GA / 912.233.6002 / paccisavannah.com


3. Top Deck @ The Cotton Sail Hotel

This hip rooftop bar is frequented by just as many locals as visitors, thanks to its dazzling view of the Savannah River. Sleek and contemporary, the deck is just as stunning as its artisanal cocktail offerings. Tapas and light fare are served with flourish and sunsets here are not to be missed.
125 W River St, Savannah, GA/ 912.436.6828 / topdeckbar.com


4. 39 Rue De Jean @ Embassy Suites

French cuisine and Southern hospitality mingle seamlessly at this brasserie-style eatery in Savannah’s historic district. Favorites include Zucchini Croquette and Pork Brittany. Authentic, hearty and steeped in culture, dinner here won’t soon be forgotten.
605 W Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA / 912.721.0595 / holycityhospitality.com


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