High Cotton Grant Cardone

Sales-training guru and real-estate mogul Grant Cardone sat down with writer Paula Fogarty this issue to talk about how he motivates employees in his own company, makes the most of his time at work and what’s up with the development of his recent housing project in Savannah. Cardone shares some of his top motivational practices with readers to help them lead a more productive life.

On Sales Training

The sales training I have developed is the leader in the sales training field. It’s based on full transparency, no games or gimmicks and embraces a more educated buyer. And it results in businesses increasing their sales 20-to-50%.

Advice to Entrepreneurs

Focus on revenue and expansion regardless of the cost. You can’t be a great company by staying small or managing expenses. You must expand, and that means every employee must do something to make the company more known so that it can increase revenue.

His Leadership Style

My leadership style is one of less structure and planning and more action. I focus only on activities that are worth doing daily. If it’s not important enough to do it everyday I probably will not do it at all.

On Motivating People

First, I tend to attract really good people and I am quick to get rid of those that don’t fit in. We motivate our people with daily meetings sharing success stories of how many people we are impacting. Our core mission to ensure people that use my products are doing better in life and in business. When you are helping people do better in life it’s easy to get excited about going to work.

I even use this philosophy when investing in real estate locations. When the people living and working at the property seem happy and productive, it helps in making my decision to buy.

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