High Cotton

When a legacy isn’t yours, you’ve got to work that much harder to make sure it lasts. When Lowell Kronowitz took over the reigns at Levy Jewelers, he became a fourth generation president of the Savannah-based jewelry staple.

“Those who came before me built a phenomenal relationship with Savannah. It’s my job to sustain that,” notes Kronowitz. “My family’s legacy isn’t going to fail on my watch.”

Kronowitz has helped to perpetuate that legacy with Levy’s new flagship store on the corner of Bull and Broughton Streets. The new building pays homage to the past, but with influences to the future of Savannah. Don’t think he didn’t have to jump through hoops to bring modern innovation to Historic Downtown. As with most things, his persistence paid off in a beautiful building built by and for Savannah.

“My cousin Aaron was smart enough to invest in Broughton Street with the flagship store at Broughton and Drayton. We were in that location for 75 years and we built the new store knowing we’d be there for at least 75 more.”

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