Here’s to the New You

Dr. Most believes in the miracle working power of surgeons

When Dr. Daniel Most was just 10 years old, he witnessed firsthand what miracle workers surgeons can be when one saved his mother’s life. Since that day, he has pursued surgery with an abiding passion matched only by his dedication to creating a better life for his patients.

For many, this has meant a life spent looking and feeling their best, entrusting Dr. Most with cosmetic procedures that beautify and subtract years off their appearance. For others, Dr. Most has been every bit the miracle worker as the surgeon that saved his mother’s life. His expertise in re-constructive surgery has helped people move beyond painful accidents and disfigurement with a renewed lease on life.

In pursuit of this powerful calling, Dr. Most has recently doubled the size of his practice with the opening of a new wound center next door to his existing practice. Opening in December, the Savannah Wound Center will treat everything from traumatic wounds to pressure ulcers and foot damage due to diabetes. His experienced crew is well-versed in this highly specialized area of plastic surgery, and has developed a long track record of helping patients recover quickly from all manner of unsightly wounds. 

It’s a sense of craftsmanship and pride in his work that Dr. Most carries over into his unique hobby, blacksmithing. Trained at the John Campbell Folk School in North Carolina, he can usually be found crafting elegant works of metallic art when he’s not at his practice helping patients look their best.

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