Helping In More Ways Than Most

Dr. Most continues exceeding expectations in treatment 

One year ago, Dr. Daniel Most was preparing to open Savannah Wound Center, right next door to his already established practice. Today he’s operating both,  allowing him the optimal opportunity to be able to do what he does best – put his passion and dedication to work by increasing the quality of life for his patients through plastic and reconstructive surgery. 

Dr. Most’s Savannah Wound Center is an acute and chronic wound center that uses standard as well as specialized methods to accelerate the treatment process. It opened in January, and is run by Dr. Most’s wife, Anny Most, who is a family nurse practitioner. Anny completed her education and training at Johns Hopkins University.Savannah Wound Center also treats everything from traumatic wounds, to pressure ulcers and foot damage due to diabetes.

“I saw a need within my patients to offer cutting-edge therapies. It all ties into limb salvage and cancer reconstructive surgery,” says Dr. Most.

His expertise in reconstructive surgery gives his patients a new outlook on life, as they are able to move beyond their most painful moments of traumatic accidents and disfiguration and into a new phase of life that comes with the assurance of being renewed.

Dr. Most, Anny Most, NP, and the entire staff offer the support his patients need and the confidence they deserve.

With his years of diverse training, Dr. Most stays up to date with the latest medical advances in plastic surgery, but it’s his passion for helping others feel their best that fuels his work and has earned him a reputation of excellence in the Savannah area. 

The Doc With The Most

Dr. Most is a very experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Most is also fluent in Spanish. His extensive training and experience allows him to specialize in a wide variety of cosmetic procedures. He is dual trained in both hand and microsurgery.
Dr. Most’s cosmetic and reconstructive surgeries include the following:
1. Cosmetic & reconstructive surgery of the face
2. Breast enhancement and reconstruction
3. Liposuction and body contour surgery
4. Nasal surgery — reconstructive and cosmetic
5. Fat transfer, including buttock enhancement
6. Skin care, including peels, lasers and surgery
Most Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
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