Haute Clutter

Meet Lynn Rahn and Brooke Rahn Thomas, the mother/daughter duo behind Clutter Furnishings & Interiors.

Meet the mother/daughter duo who is taking the design world by storm. Lynn Rahn and Brooke Rahn Thomas are the family behind Clutter Furnishings & Interiors, a furniture consignment and interior design shop in Savannah. Together they are providing high-end furniture to the Lowcountry.

South Magazine: Tell us a little bit about what inspired you to open Clutter.

Lynn and Brooke: First and foremost, we are a mother/daughter duo. That was the inspiration for us to open Clutter. We wanted to create a business that operates with a high degree of ethics, honesty, and integrity and allowed us to be creative. Clutter began out of a need to also address the lack of a high-end consignment furnishing stores in Savannah.

SM: What is your favorite space to design? Why?

L&B: Our favorite spaces to work in are children’s nurseries and living areas. Children’s rooms allow us to be kids ourselves. It’s such a special time in the parents’ lives to prepare a space for a little personality. Living rooms are always gratifying when we can mix up the aesthetics. We are very much an eclectic design duo. We do like creating spaces that are interesting and tactile. We enjoy using antiques as well as more modern or contemporary pieces in the mix. We don’t particularly care for matched anything except maybe pairs of lamps.

SM: Do your styles ever compete with each other?

Brooke: Early on, our styles did compete a bit because Lynn is much more eclectic and I’m not so much. However, we have kind of melded and usually say what the other is thinking. We bring a balance to one another and that comes from listening. Lynn likes a more bohemian, rustic and tactile design. More lived in and probably more masculine. Brooke likes softer colors and probably more of feminine design. Both work nicely together with restraint.

SM: What are your greatest strengths as interior designers?

Lynn: Our greatest strengths are trying to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. Listening to what they say and then making suggestions for their spaces that they may not have considered or even thought of. Having fun and laughter go a long way in helping make the process less stressful. Most of the time we work on someone else’s timeline too, such as a seamstress, upholsterer, painters. All of this can be stressful for a client if they haven’t been told at the very beginning of the process that getting things done takes time and patience.

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