Haunted History of Savannah

"We can't lose our homes because we can't lose our history, because then we lose our foundations of who we are as a society," when talking about Harper Fowlkes House Tami Sabo and Stacy Hill-Hurtson share a mutual love for the history of Savannah. 

"There's just so much…great stuff," Sabo says with a laugh. It's a palpable feeling that home is in the history. 

The haunted history of the Harper Fowlkes house notoriously dates back to the 1940's, with anecdotal evidence that the hauntings have been going on for much longer. Hill -Hutson's mother used to live right across the street from there, so it has always been in the family to keep apprised og the goings on at 230 Barnard Street. 

With the help of these two women, you can now be a part of the paranormal history. Haunted Harper’s happens every Friday night at 7:30. They do take reservations, to ensure that there is enough space for everyone, with tickets at $50 each (I will let you in on a secret, though. If you mention you saw an ad for Haunted Harper’s located somewhere you will get $10 off your ticket price). Something Sabo and Hill-Hutson wanted to mention was that while making a little change is good, this event isn’t a money-maker. It’s to support the house and keep the history of Savannah as live as its future. Half of the proceeds of Haunted Harper’s goes right back into the house.

“The way you experience the house is different from a lot of other paranormal experiences,” Sabo goes on to list all of the differences and components of A Harper’s experience. They have built the experience into the house. With tools like a Ghost Box where you are able to try and speak to a ghost (or maybe the ghost will be speaking to you?), live video feed so you can watch your paranormal search in real time, audio recordings, and anything and everything “techy.” But the line doesn’t stop there. Because of the rich background story of this house, included in your investigation are pendulums and dowsing rods….because that’s how people in the 1700’s would have searched for ghosts and spirits themselves. This really is the ideal way to experience a house.