Greg Parker’s Dirty Litter Secret!

The Savannah Downtown Business Association hosted Greg Parker, CEO of Parker Companies, at their July 8th Luncheon. Businesses from around the downtown Savannah area, as well as new members, took part in a member spotlight where they promoted their products and services before enjoying a seated lunch. Greg spoke during the program on his new Anti-Litter Campaign to Keep Savannah Beautiful and give back to the community. “I hate seeing litter with my name on it,” said Parker, whose stores sell 2800 fountain drinks daily. The entrepreneur and Chairman of the Mayor’s Roundtable on Business also told fellow businesses that they have a responsibility as business leaders to make Savannah a better place to live.


 “Our goal is to reduce 50 per cent of litter in Savannah in one year,” said Parker during his speech. The successful entrepreneur also discussed ways in which the initiative would work, the most popular being the naming and shaming via social media.