Great Gift Ideas for a Southern Summer Wedding

5 Ideas That Will Help Make Her Dreams Come True

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and wedding plans have everyone abuzz. If you’re attending a southern wedding this summer, make sure you show up with the perfect present to help share in the joy of the happy couple. If you got to the registry too late and there’s no more fun presents to be purchased, think outside of the box and grab one of these great gift ideas to commemorate the couple’s love.


Some Fresh Flowers

Mother Nature gives us a lot to be grateful for in the summer months, especially in these gorgeous Southern states. Sometimes it’s best to stick with the classics, so why not send flowers through a subscription service to keep the newlyweds’ home decorated in the season’s best offerings? You can set them up for a month worth of deliveries and have gorgeous blooms waiting on their doorstep right when they get back from the honeymoon. This unique gift definitely won’t be copied, and you can be sure your present will remain a standout in their minds.

A Post-Honeymoon Trip

The couple hopefully has all of their honeymoon details all ironed out, but who’s to say that’s the only vacation they should have to look forward to during their first year of marriage? Give them another fun excursion to put on the calendar by getting a group together to go in on a special romantic location to a gorgeous locale. It could be a weekend getaway to gorgeous and old-school romantic New Orleans, or a sunny trip on Florida’s coast to enjoy the sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and exciting culture. You can find awesome deals on a travel booking website like Travelocity, and many of the resorts have special romantic deals that could see the happy couple basking in the newlywed bliss for months to come.

A Fun Experience

Instead of getting something material that the couple might have multiple of already, why not buy something that can turn into a gorgeous memory for the newlyweds? Book an experience for two that you know they will both get a kick out of. Maybe it’s a cooking course where they can learn to become expert chefs, a sommelier course where they’ll get a handle on the effect of tannin in their favorite libations, or even a six-week course in painting instruction. If you want to get a little more extreme, and if the couple in question are quite the adventurers, grab a gift certificate to a local skydiving company or a voucher for a white water river rafting trip.

The Key to a Gorgeous Garden

The summer lends itself to hours spent in the backyard soaking in the sun’s rays and evenings on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and a gorgeous sunset to gaze upon. Make sure the happy couple enjoys their yard to the fullest this summer following their wedding with the gift of yard work. I know, it doesn’t seem like the most romantic of suggestions, but it’s a practical and unique offering that they never knew they wanted. Hire a yard cleaning service to come on a weekly basis and keep their front and back yard spick and span and looking like it belongs in a gardening lifestyle publication.

A Donation in Their Honor

Perhaps the couple has everything they could possibly want. Maybe they’re philanthropists who are always ready to help out people in need. If that sounds like the couple in question, you can’t go wrong by donating to their favorite charity or to a cause you know they’re passionate about. If you need help finding the right recipient for your donation, utilize to secure the right option. This is a gift that comes from the heart and pays the love forward, and that’s something every person in love can get behind.

If you’re attending a wedding in the gorgeous South this summer, make sure you don’t show up emptyhanded and find a unique gif the newlyweds are sure to love.