Going Green

With all the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, developing a hobby is a great way relieve some stress. Some may turn to golfing. Others may turn to photography. But the newest trend hobby trend? Well, let’s just say it involves a love for the outdoors and some extra cash in your pocket. Hobby farming, or recreational farming, is the new way to spend one’s free time. And Savannahians are turning to it as an escape—even if it’s just for one weekend at a time—from their increasingly busy lives. And Jason Williams of Plantation Properties is the mastermind behind making this dream a reality for Savannahians.

“I’m not just selling it; I’m out here living it,” Williams says. “Initially, hunting drove our business, and it still does. There are lots of doctors, lawyers and other professionals in Savannah who want a place an hour or two away that they can go to hunt on the weekends.”

The appeal of recreational farming is that it’s not necessary to have an extensive understanding of agriculture before owning some acres. “I have zero knowledge in farming and in hunting,” says Gary Oetgen, president of Gary Oetgen Insurance who owns 230 acres of land. “All my background was in sailboats. I’ve raced and cruised in them for 30 years. This was all new to me.” Aside from simply enjoying the outdoors, hobby farming has the potential to turn into a lucrative experience. By selling timber or produce, what was initially a getaway can turn into a small business, if one chooses to do so.