Gogo Ferguson’s Designs With Nature

Gogo Ferguson’s Designs With Nature

Carnegie family scion and Cumberland Island resident, Gogo breathes new life into natural forms with her stunning jewelry collections.


Alligator toe bones, rattlesnake vertebrae and sea snails may conjure up some morbid thoughts for many, but not for Gogo Ferguson.  This woman sees intrinsic beauty in organic forms that are essential to life.  Gogo is Cumberland Island. Gogo is a scion of the Carnegie family and grew up on their stunning barrier island off the Georgia coast, which is now a national park.


Just as her Grandmother and Great Grandmother ruled this island compound, Gogo now synergizes with the energy of the island, it’s people, it’s animals and it’s creatures alive and passed on. Plant forms such as seaweed and bottlebrushes often accompany animal bones as the inspiration for Gogo Jewelry, which is beloved by international superstars such as Carly Simon, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Jimmy Buffet, Goldie Hawn and Wes Anderson. Gogo also designed the wedding rings for John F. Kennedy, Jr. and Carolyn Bessette. 


Organic Inspiration

Jewelry making was Gogo’s way to stay on the island. As a child she would always adorn herself with treasures found on the Cumberland; bones as earrings and necklace charms (even during our time with her, she effortlessly made a bracelet from some dry seaweed she found). The jewelry was a natural process for her, in every sense it was “organic” from the creative process to the elements in the design. “I was always designing adornment as a child, whenever I traversed the island. Shells became pendants on string, feathers in my braids.  I have always seen the beauty in nature,” she explained.


Gogo has a strong love for sharing her creativity and instilling others to explore and grow their own creativity. She’s conducted courses for CEO’s to inner city children, teaching about the beauty in nature’s design and that everyone is a creative soul. For instance, she’ll walk with them along the beach helping them see the beauty in shells, leaves, half-eaten conch shells all whilst encouraging them to design art with these natural “treasures.” gogojewelry.com.

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