Glamping Adventures


The term “glamping” simply means glamorous camping, bringing the creature comforts of home out into the wilderness. A functioning stove sure does beat the open fire, and a comfortable bed far exceeds the cold ground. After their Italian getaway got canceled, this group of women decided to take a glamping road trip across America. 

Nicole Casino and her three friends Arra, Tammy and Christina get together each year for their annual trip; they were set to visit Rome, Italy, which didn’t go as scheduled. After one member of the group lost her job as an events planner and her entire profession essentially became obsolete, the gang decided they needed to set off on an adventure. “We’re basically trying to figure out what vacation means during COVID,” Nicole said. “It’s about not being chained to your house during quarantine.” The group of gals got their 31-foot Class-C Winnebago RV a week after they had the idea for an epic road trip. Fifteen minutes after they bought the Minnie Winnie the check-engine light came on. 



 The group left the evening of July 12th, driving straight to the Ozarks in Arkansas for some fishing. These women all grew up on a farm, and by the end of their trip they plan to fish, shoot, ride horses on a dude ranch, tour a hemp farm, and visit a shaman. They aim to drive from the Ozarks to New Mexico, then back to Colorado and finally home to Savannah; the trip will last about 12 days so that they can make it back before the South magazine gala. 


“There are ways of enjoying yourself other than going to concerts and parties. People are so lost — there’s a thousand different ways to have fun.”

    Of the four women, three are mothers and all are single. “One of the reasons we’re trying to do this is to empower women to travel and have adventures, not necessarily with a man,” Nicole said, although they will be setting each other up on dates. Watch their adventure on their Facebook page “Glamping Adventures,” their Instagram and their Youtube channel. 


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