Ghostly Tales of Savannah

Have you ever walked down the streets of Savannah and felt like someone was watching? Or saw a ghostly figure of a soldier disappear down an alley, through one of the graveyards or into a nearby hotel? Well, you’re not alone.

The truth is that many people over the years have seen, heard and felt things they couldn’t explain in Savannah. Some say it’s the sacred Indian burial grounds that Savannah was built on, others think its the young souls taken too soon by disease or the wounded soldiers that were buried alive within the city. Explore with us a few of the places in Savannah that many consider haunted by unsettled souls.


The Hamilton Turner Inn

Location: 330 Abercorn St. Savannah, Georgia

History: The Hamilton Turner Inn has had its share of ghostly encounters. Guests have said countless times they have heard the sound of children laughing and billiard balls rolling off imaginary tables. The Hamilton Turner Inn is also known as the inspiration for the novel, Midnight in the Garden of Good and  Evil by John Berendt.

“A couple of weeks ago a gentleman came down to the desk and said there was some ruckus going on in the room next door to his last night,” said Susie Ridder, the innkeeper at The Hamilton Turner Inn. “I sent housekeeping to see if everything was OK, and there weren’t any signs of a disturbance.”

Later on that day, a guest mentioned to the innkeeper that there were children knocking on the door of that same room last night saying; “Daddy let us in; daddy let us in.”

She told the guest that they do allow children 10 years and older to stay at the inn, but they didn’t have any kids staying there that night.

The Pirate’s House

Location: 20 E Broad St. Savannah, Georgia

History: Open since 1754, The Pirate’s House was once a local inn, but it’s now a popular seafood restaurant. According to legend, seamen, pirates and criminals would come to The Pirate’s House to drink. Some say there is a tunnel under the building and many brawls and an occasional murder took place there.

If you pass the The Pirate’s House or stop in for a bite, don’t get startled if you see a ghost or two in the windowpanes. Some patrons say they have seen a child in the window sitting on a set of stairs that don’t exist.

One night an ice maker toppled back and a manager watched a surveillance tape to see what happened. He said an orb (many believe orbs are spirits in the form of dust or particles of light) started floating down toward the ice maker and disappeared once the ice maker fell over. The manager described the orb as a lit up dust ball.

17Hundred90 Inn and Restaurant

Location: 307 E President St. Savannah, Georgia

History: One of the oldest inns in the country, 17Hundred90 was once a boarding home. According to folklore, Ann, an indentured servant committed suicide by jumping out of the window in room 204. She was distraught due to the loss of a seaman she loved.

“When I’m in the restaurant alone late at night I sometimes hear chairs move across the floor,” said Patrick Godley, owner and general manager of the inn and restaurant. “I’ve also heard the door hinge outside squeak as if were open and when I go outside to look, it's locked.”

He went on to say that quite a few guests have had experiences at the inn especially in room 204.

“Room 204 is where most of the activity takes place,” he said. “Some guests have felt their bed sheets being tugged in the middle of the night, while others felt someone sitting next to them on their bed.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to spooky places to visit in this historic town. Savannah is known for being one of the most haunted cities in the country.  Tourists will quickly find that it lives up to it's reputation.