Ghost Coast Distillery

From 1920 to 1933, the sale and manufacture of alcohol was banned in the United States.

These were dark times, but the people of Savannah persevered and have gleefully enjoyed their drinks of choice in the streets and parks ever since. Ghost Coast Distillery, the first distillery to open in Savannah since Prohibition, celebrates the city’s rich history of merriment all while looking towards a bright future. 

In their first year, Ghost Coast has released four flagship products into the wholesale market: their Vodka 261 and 261 Orange, as well as their Broughton & Whitaker Honey and Ginger whiskeys. Ghost Coast allows visitors to follow their spirits from grain to barrel in their open-air production facility; then venture to their Cocktail Room, where you can enjoy over a dozen small batch bitters, cordials, and liqueurs that compliment their wholesale offerings. Ghost Coast is one of only a handful of distilleries in the country to offer such an intricate bar program. 

With fully immersive tours, take this unique opportunity to experience how some of the South’s finest craft spirits are made all while learning a little bit more about the revelrous city that is Savannah. 

• 641 Indian St.,, 912.298.0071, FB, Instagram: @ghostcoastdistillery