Gettin' Saucy. Top 5 Lowcountry Barbecue

Sweet, spice, and everything nice, these Lowcountry barbecue joints are sure to hit the spot for the wisest of connoisseurs, and even the pickiest of guests. Put your bibs on and keep the wet naps handy.

1. Sandfly BBQ,

Memphis born and Savannah made, Sandfly Bar-B-Q is a homie barbecue joint whose sauces come with tastes from all over the region. With meats smoked over a combination of pecan and hickory woods, owner and classically trained chef Keith Latture has brought his Memphis barbecue influence down to the Lowcountry, and in doing so, has established a business that says nothing less than, “just how grandma makes it.”


2. Bowtie Barbecue Co.,

This smokin’ hot joint works straight out of a scratch kitchen, which means every meal has ingredients that are hand cut, slowly mixed, and pretty close to homemade, including their one-of-a-kind Batterless Fried Chicken.


3. Babe’s BBQ,

This family owned and operated restaurant is founded on homemade recipes. Serving mouth-watering dishes with slow smoked pork and tender brisket, you can also get their famous “Hogzilla” baked potato that has Brunswick stew, your choice of meat, their award winning BBQ sauce, and more.


4. Papa’s Bar-B-Que & Seafood,

Starting out as a carry out barbecue restaurant in 1972, this restaurant now serves both fresh smoked meats and the freshest of seafood in its 4,000 square feet restaurant—making this hotspot unique and a perfect representation of Southern food and culture.


5. Blowin’ Smoke Southern Cantina,

Blowin’ Smoke customers get a lot more than they bargained for. Coming in strong with a southwestern influence, guests are welcome to enjoy a hot plate of barbecue and get a torta or taco at the same time.


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