George Floyd Protest in Savannah Georgia

At 2 p.m. today at City Hall in Savannah, Georgia, George Floyd protest drew a crowd numbering well over a thousand protestors. Leaders encouraged the crowd to remain peaceful as one protestor yelled "All Lives Matter" and the crowd quickly aimed their attention to him. "We are from Atlanta and love everyone" his companion pleaded as he was quickly driven away from the protest. Protestors applauded as the Atlanta vistor ran from the angry crowd. 

The companion of a man who was driven from the protest after yelling "All lives matter", pleaded with the crowd "we love all people."


"Leave him alone!  Do not touch this man" yelled one of the protest leaders as the man made his way through the crowd trying to find a path to get out. The couple safely left the protest. See video here.


Soon after, two men began slamming their skateboards against the ground. Another protest leader quickly approached the two men yelling "Stop! Don't! This is exactly what we don't want. This will start violence. We don't want nothing to happen to you. We want you to live!" The young man walked away with skateboard in hand seemingly disappointed. See video here.

Protestor leaders were vigilant about keeping the peace as the protest continued and began marching down Bay Street in the historic city.  

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