Fulfillment.com Clients Ride High

Local success story Justin Singletary built his e-commerce company, Fulfillment.com,  on a foundation of innovation. Just as his business thrives on the kind of rule-breaking creativity that has disrupted his industry, his way of thanking clients offers so much more than the usual gift basket.

When Singletary wants to say thank you, he throws a party. Forget the usual glad-handing and watered-down cocktails – clients of Fulfillment.com were recently given the adventure of a lifetime, firing off rounds from the latest in tactical weaponry to a riding around in a helicopter.

The Client Appreciation Weekend began by indulging guests in an evening of luxury, southern hospitality and dining on the terrace rooftop at the Hyatt Hotel. But the real fun began the next morning, with guests getting a peek into Singletary’s previous life as an Army Ranger. Hosted at 17 South Rod and Gun Club, this shoot-‘em-up event let Fulfillment.com clients fire off the latest in tactical firearms from Daniel Defense. Clients shot on the ground or from the heights of a helicopter provided by Bat Defense. Interspersed with sessions of authentic tactical training, the day’s purpose was to “spoil our clients in a relaxed environment,” according to executive assistant Tammy Thomas. And it didn’t disappoint.

“We have clients all around the world, so we don’t usually get a chance to meet face-to-face,” said Thomas. Connections made from the seat of a helicopter or the lanes of a firing range solidified bonds forged through emails and phone calls, giving Fulfillment.com a chance to really connect with clients.

In addition, it also helped raise funds for a worthy cause. The event’s charity of choice, Advocates of Love, holds a particularly special place in Singletary’s heart. “I proposed to my wife at that facility,” he said. The couple has plans to return to the Christian orphanage for their honeymoon and have used the money raised through the event to donate computers.

South Magazine was lucky to be invited to experience this unique event and while in Savannah. Singletary also treated his team to a delicious night at Dine South as presenting sponsors.

Singletary says that the company’s mission is to “empower e-commerce retailers to sell everything to everyone.” Through unique events like this, it is clear why this cutting-edge company has had such huge and fast-growing success in fulfilling their clients’ needs.