From Low Country to High Fashion…One Savannah Woman's Journey to New York Fashion Week

Daniette Thomas is nothing short of your classic success story, climbing her way to the top through creative expression and the desire to create something that doesn’t exist yet-and this mentality is what earned her a spot in New York Fashion Week 2019.


Thomas has called Savannah, GA home since she was just seven months old, and her pursuits within the fashion industry began shortly after that. It was when Thomas’s mother took her to local Malls to shop for new clothes, as Thomas was starting Middle School and was no longer obligated to wear uniforms, that she began sketching the clothes she could not find in the stores.
From there on out, Thomas never stopped designing and she believed that her name should be her own fashion label. Fast forward to today and Thomas has not only achieved this goal but exceeded it. Being invited to showcase at New York Fashion Week is amongst one of the highest honors for a fashion designer-but Thomas needs your help to get there.
Que the Hit the Runway Fundraiser Fashion Show. On Saturday, January 19th at 5:30 PM at Missionary Baptist Church Thomas will be hosting this show in order to raise money in order to get her to NYFW. Additional details about the event and where you can purchase tickets are linked down below, or if you are unable to make it feel free to donate to Thomas’s Go Fund Me page. Help Daniette achieve her goal if you can, and help the little girl who sketched designs in Savannah make it New York to display all of her hard work to the world.