Fox & Fig

With a beautifully plated and creative plant-based menu Fox & Fig has both locals and visitors buzzing! 

A little over a year ago, Fox & Fig Cafe opened its doors, creating the first plant-based restaurant in Savannah. With a non-existent market for vegans, Clay Ehmke, co-owner of Fox & Fig decided to fill the gap. After working under Foxy Loxy owner Jen Jenkins, for over three years the two collaborated on the idea. With 6 years in the making, Fox & Fig has introduced locals and tourist alike to creative plant-based menu options and exotic ingredients. With less than 20 percent of their customer base actually being fully vegan they’ve proved their menu hits all demographics. •

Never Been to Fox & Fig? Shame on you. Here's a Recommended dish for all those who are wet behind the ears: Soaked Chia Porridge


Vegan Crash Course

Ever thought about going vegan? Here's  some quick tips if you decide to take the proverbial plunge.
1. Incorporate well-cooked vegetables into your diet.
2. Play around with exotic ingredients.
3. Don’t forget about your Asian and African fruits that you typically don’t see every day.
4. Remember, eating a plant-based diet is not anything limiting, it’s boundless and exciting.
5. Be fun and creative in your recipes. Salads aren’t your only options.

21 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 31401

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