For the Family

Dorchester Shooting Preserve offers an experience for the entire family, even if you’re not into hunting. 

Welcome to Dorchester Shooting Preserve: a 5,000-acre hunting preserve found right in the heart of the southeastern Georgia coast. This premier outdoors preserve houses some of the best Southern experiences such as quail hunting, pheasant shooting, wild boar hunting, coastal fishing, sporting clays, and a pistol range.

Far beyond all things hunting and fishing, Dorchester also provides top of the line accommodations, the tastiest of Southern cooking, and a staff committed to making Dorchester a premier experience for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

But what about those who aren’t into the art of hunting? No worries—Dorchester offers activities that entail the exhilaration of being outdoors, all without shooting animals for those who prefer otherwise.

For lovers of the sea, and all things fishy without the funky smell, guests can find that Dorchester offers the chance to go both saltwater and freshwater fishing. These on-the-water excursions range anywhere from inshore trips near the barrier islands, or deep sea fishing towards the Gulf Stream, allowing guests to target fish such as Mahi Mahi, Sail Fish, and Wahoo.

In the large expanse that is Dorchester, guests can also take part in sporting clays, and in pistol range shooting. The Sporting Clays Course offered by Dorchester is both for newbies and seasoned professionals—overlooking the ponds and nature of the preserve, targets are set in place among the oak and pine tree, perfect for practicing targets while spending the day alongside friends, family, and business associates.

As for the pistol range, this is the perfect place for guests to either put their skills to the test or teach other family members the importance of rifle and pistol safety—all in the perfect environment.