Food Trucks in Savannah

The burgeoning food scene in Savannah is impossible to ignore with the number of restaurants opening each year growing 25% each year since 2011. Currently state, county and city regulations have created a prohibitive environment for entrepreneurs looking to get a start on four wheels.

Food trucks are nothing new, but the trend took the nation by storm after Los Angeles saw a food truck boom in 2008, at the verge of recession. As restaurants closed and prominent chefs found themselves out of a job, entrepreneurs saw food trucks as a more cost efficient way to get their start in the business. Food trucks went from being roach coaches to vehicles of a foodie revolution.

Prominent food trucks bring gourmet cooking street side, selling where demand is highest using social media and word of mouth to build consumer conversation and brand loyalty. The National Restaurant Association identified the food trucks as the fastest growing segment of the industry in 2014 and an Emergent Research study projected national food truck revenue would quadruple to $2.7 billion by 2017.

So why don’t we see food trucks at Forsyth on a sunny Saturday? Will food trucks be bad for our brick and mortar establishments or are they the next step in making Savannah a Foodie Mecca? Pick up the latest issue of South or subscribe now for more!