Financial Prophet

A Financial Prophet: America Can Live Without Credit Cards! Financial Evangelist Dave Ramsey Preaches the Debt-Free Gospel from His Financial Pulpit — And It’s Saving People! The nation is drowning in a sea of
debt – not just the national debt
of $17.075 trillion and climbing at
a rate of $2.3 billion per day, but American’s consumer debt, which is at $11.4 trillion, terrifyingly close to the nation’s insurmountable obligation. More than
160 million Americans have credit cards, according to the website The
average credit card holder has at least three credit cards and an average credit card debt well in excess of $11,000. This is just part of
the $11.4 trillion figure mentioned above. The rest is in mortgages, auto loans, and student loans. Credit cards have proved to be the
most explosive form of credit for American consumers, and millions have watched their financial future blow up in their faces once they started lighting the plastic fuse. Enter Dave Ramsey – a world-renowned expert in personal finances and getting
and staying debt free. Ramsey isn’t a noted economist, although he could certainly lay claim to being the most famous home economist to come along in many a year. His goals are to rescue people from the clutches of the credit card and to save those who have not yet fallen into them yet. For the full article pick up a copy of the June/July issue of South magazine.

Story by Pearce Vale

Photographs courtesy of Dave Ramsey