Father Knows Best: Celebrate Fathers Day with South's Greatest Dads

June is the month that we celebrate and say ‘thanks’ to every kid’s hero – dad.

South magazine’s Greatest Dads contest proved one simple truth – the South is overpopulated with incredible role models.  Readers chose the best of the best and they have earned the title Greatest Dad.


Thomas Nash South's Greatest Dads

Thomas A. Nash, Jr.

He knows all about raising girls.  Thomas is the father of three daughters (and five grandchildren) and said the greatest reward is watching them grow to be successful in careers, marriage and parenthood.  He credits much of their success to his wife of almost 45 years and had modeled a life of faith, family, and love for his daughters to carry on.


Stewart Bromley Souths Greatest Dads

Stewart Bromley

Whether it be attending Duke basketball games or taking family vacations, Stewart Bromley has worked to balance family and work in raising his two children, Sara and Sam. His lessons to his children are as simple as treating others with respect and honesty.  Stewart believes the most important role of a father is to be involved in your child’s life, no matter the circumstances.


Marion Gray Harkleroad Souths Greatest Dads

Marion Gray Harkleroad, Jr.

Raising three sons, ages 25 to 4, Marion has watched them grow into their own distinct personalities.  One of the biggest challenges he faces is quality time with his boys.  Having two sons that are already grown presents a challenge to get them all together. But when father and sons are all together, they enjoy a round of golf or day on the water boating and fishing. Marion’s lessons to his sons are to stay humble and do for others.


TC Michaels Souths Greatest Dads

T.C. Michaels

It’s a whole new world that T.C. Michaels gets to experience everyday with his one-year old son.  T.C. is amazed by his son’s daily accomplishments and how quickly he grasps new things.  As with so many other fathers, he works to balance career with family time.  T.C. wants his son to dream big, to serve others at the same time, and to always be a gentleman at heart.


Lyon Jemison Souths Greatest Dads

Lyon David Jemison

His life centers around his 13-year old son and Lyon wouldn’t have it any other way. Raising a teenager is a round-the-clock job with sports, field trips, school events, and vacations.  But for Lyon, the reward of hearing “I love you” makes it all worthwhile. He works to instill manners in his son and to be polite to others.  He hopes his son grows to treat others fairly and that everyone can be a friend.


Don't forget to celebrate your dad this Father's Day, Sunday June 19!  To read more about these special dads, check out our June/July issue of South Magazine.