Fast Food Fast Cash

Opening a restaurant is often a fleeting dream for many young entrepreneurs. But when reality hits, they find it takes months, more often years, of hard work and dedication to be successful. Many who try end up finding they’d much rather be served their ideal meal than be responsible for a well-oiled dining machine. The fantasy of owning their own restaurant is dashed by the tedium of profit-loss reports, stacks of crusty dishes and the grueling 18-hour workdays. But there is an answer. Buy a franchise.

One of the quickest, most reliable ways to make money in today’s economy, franchises offer a business model that provides proven success, in-depth training and brand recognition. Adopting this concept, a string of local, hungry entrepreneurs have opened thriving eateries and succeeded. They all credit their success to being willing to clock in at 7 a.m. and out at 1 a.m., seeing past the stacks of paperwork to the bigger picture and having experienced the entire range of positions—from cashier to manager. Each of their backgrounds may be different, and their levels of success may vary, but they all share a common goal of making good money from good food.