Family Values

Family medicine of pooler provides care from one family to another

Dr. Christi Ghaleb and her husband, Dr. Pete Ghaleb, had spent their careers as part of a healthcare system that they felt simply wasn’t working. Governmental pressure and Byzantine private insurance practices had left them handstrung, forced to see more patients in less time. For two doctors so dedicated to patient care, the situation was untenable. They knew there had to be a better way.

And they found it, with the opening of their own private practice, Family Medicine of Pooler. The philosophy behind their practice is simple – treat patients with the utmost in quality care, regardless of their insurance situation.  Some might call it revolutionary; they just think of it as medicine the way it’s supposed to be.

“We have many patients who recommend us to their elderly parents, but they also have a tendency to sign their own kids up too, since it’s only $10 a month for children,” said Dr. Pete. “That’s one of the benefits of combining Direct Care with Family Medicine: patients can now have one physician they know and trust to provide affordable and quality care for their entire family.” 

There is more to staying healthy than simply exercising, eating right and scheduling regular check-ups. Don’t get us wrong, all of those things are of paramount importance, but sometimes the best medicine is the friends and family you gather around you. It’s not a cure-all, but anything from depression to high blood pressure see massive drops when a patient has a strong support network around them. Dr. Ghaleb sees plenty of healthy options for strengthening these healthy personal connections. “Try to eat healthy dinners together, schedule a night for a family movie or board games or engage in sports and other outdoor activities together,” said Dr. Ghaleb.

5 ways families can get heathier together

1. Take A Team Approach
Let each member of your family plan one healthy meal each week.

2. Get Outside Together
Getting the family outside and playing together encourages physical activity.

3. Minimize Screen Time
Encourage the family to be active instead of spending extra time on electronics.

4. Eat Dinner Together 
Eat your meals together to help build bonds as a family.

5. Schedule Fun Activities
Scheduling game nights or movie nights helps create personal connections.

Drs. Pete Ghaleb & Christi Ghaleb
Christi Ghaleb, M.D. and Pete Ghaleb, M.D. met in medical school before moving to the Savannah area in 2002. After practicing at Memorial Health for eight years, they opened their own practice in 2010. As the practice grew, Dr. Christi stepped in to more of the clinical physician role while Dr. Pete shifted his attention to running the practice side of things. Their synergistic approach, born from years of marital bliss, makes for a practice that runs smoothly while giving patients the utmost in quality care.
Family Medicine of Pooler
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