Faces of South Magazine

Team south is the faces of south magazine – photo: blake crosby


It goes without saying that an endeavor as far-reaching and as meticulously crafted as South magazine is not created in a vacuum. It takes a whole team to put out the magazine you hold in your hands.

And while we celebrate each of the artists, photographers and writers who make this whole thing possible, it seems like this Faces of the South issue might be a good time to introduce you to some of the talented folks who don’t get a byline or a photo credit. These are the faces you won’t necessarily see in a contributor call out in every issue, but they are as vital to South’s continued success as every letter in every word in every story, and in every pixel in every photo.

Far more than just a six-times-a-year task, being a part of Team South means being on hand for many of our exciting events, helping build our content online and on social media and helping to craft a singular voice for our diverse region. They are the friendly faces you encounter when you meet us out on the town or stop by the famous Bull St. offices of South magazine, and each contributes their own talent and creativity to create a publication we can each be proud of. 

Whether on the page or behind the scenes, sharing a daily workplace on Bull or working remotely across the Southeast, these are the folks behind the magazine you know and love. None of this happens without them.