Face of Women's Health / Dr. Carmela Pettigrew

Meet Dr. Carmela Pettigrew. Between the dual practices of Dr. Carmela Pettigrew, a vision of women’s health emerges that takes a much broader view of what women’s health can truly mean. 

At Dr. Pettigrew’s office, you’ll find her long established Obstetrics & Gynecology practice, characterized by personalized and compassionate care that crosses the spectrum of women’s medical needs, from pap smears to prenatal care with an all-female staff and a professional environment.  You will also find her specialty practice: The Rejuvenation Clinic of Savannah, which was born from the many women requesting services beyond the common Gyn concerns.  Here the full focus of her medical skill and technology is brought to bear in pursuit of improving Sexual Health, Hormonal Balancing/Optimization and Aesthetic Treatments. The clinic offers everything from Labiaplasty & Vaginal Rejuvenation, Laser Treatments, Botox and Hormonal Balancing, to enhance, beautify and improve the health that comes from looking and feeling one’s best. The clinic’s focus is to deliver the best results possible and all products and treatments are all personally chosen and tested by Dr. Pettigrew, who has a unique perspective shaped by her analytical skills formed by her previous engineering training.  rejuvenationclinicmd.com / 912.355.7766