Face of Vintage Transportation

Meet Sherri Anderson. The story of Callan’s Classics begins in Idaho, where Callan Phillips’ passion for automobiles grew to a collection of nearly 70 gorgeous luxury and vintage cars. When Phillips passed away in 2013, his legacy passed to his daughter Sherri, along with 59 of those gorgeous machines. 

Today, Sherri and Bill Anderson are sharing that legacy with the city of Savannah with Callan’s Classics, where you can rent one of the six immaculate vehicles in their fleet. From the classic lines of a 1950 Bentley Mark VI to the aggressive stance of a 1973 Mustang convertible, these are mobile works of art that let you cruise in style. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just to turn a few heads as you tour Savannah, these machines and this legacy can be yours for a day or a weekend. callansclassics.com / 678.943.9960