Face of the Future

Meet Griff Lynch. We hope, at some point in your travels around the Hostess City, that you’ve noticed the container ships that regularly ply our waters. They are, after all, somewhat hard to miss.

But while watching them pass, perhaps eyeing the exotic ports these mighty ships call home, you may have never stopped to consider the massive economic impact that these ships represent. But Georgia Ports Authority CEO Griff Lynch has. As the head of this massive operation, that economic impact is what it’s all about.

The Georgia Ports Authority  together with private sector, port-related operations, account for more than 440,000 jobs statewide, $106 billion dollars in revenue, and income exceeding $25 billion annually. The largest single-terminal container facility in the world, the Port of Savannah has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years as it looks to the future.

And that future is bright. Just as they have led the way since 1945, transforming Savannah’s port into the nation’s third-busiest container gateway, the Georgia Ports Authority is committed to maintaining its competitive edge through development of leading-edge technology, marketing and operations to move cargo faster. And, the authority is working hard to identify what must be done today to sustain growth, performance and security for tomorrow. That includes building a new port on Hutchinson Island and expanding the Garden City Terminal to effectively double its capacity.

As the Georgia Ports Authority celebrates 75 years, they’re not just waiting for their ship to come in. They’re building the infrastructure that will take our city into the next century as one of the world’s leading ports. Just something to think about next time you see one of those boats go by.