Face of Nightlife – Barrelhouse South, Rogue Water, & Vice Lounge + Mojito Bar

Barrelhouse South, Rogue Water, & Vice Lounge + Mojito Bar is the face of nightlife – photo: D. Paul Graham 


Chris Clarke does not take the title “The Face of Nightlife” lightly. 

He understands nightlife like few others, seeing it for the multi-faceted experience it can offer. With the trio of Savannah hotspots he and his team have opened over the years, however, there is no one else who could possibly hope to claim that title.

Nightlife isn’t just one vibe, one experience. Sometimes, a night out means gathering to watch your favorite band or discovering a new one at Barrelhouse. Sometimes, it’s testing out your karaoke chops and having a craft beer on the patio with the locals at Rogue Water. Sometimes, it’s putting on your nicest outfit and indulging in craft cocktails and dancing at Vice. What Clarke and his team have created among these three experiences is a cross-section of the ultimate night out, whatever form it may take. And that’s how you earn the title “The Face of Nightlife.”

BARRELHOUSE SOUTH, 125 W Congress St, f@BarrelhouseSouth  ROGUE WATER TAP HOUSE, 38 Mlk Jr Blvd, f@RogueWaterSAV 
VICE LOUNGE + MOJITO BAR, 109 W Congress St, f@VICELoungeSAV