Face of Invention

the habersham school is the face of invention – photo: d. paul graham


Habersham teaches students to question, to investigate, to dialogue and to create. This vision is based on the time-honored tradition of classical education and an unapologetic commitment to the truth of Christ. 

“Teaching someone to find a derivative or write an essay is straightforward. Teaching someone to lead, to follow, to give everything, to take everything, to do what it takes, to sing in the silence, to fall flat on their face, to keep trying, to love people completely, and to never settle, is difficult. Habersham didn’t just teach me eleventh grade math, it taught me who I am and why,” said alumna Grace Miller, Stanford University. At Habersham, we see the purpose of education differently. Who will your child become?  Explore. Restore. Live. thehabershamschool.org / 912.509.0540