Face of Individuality / Goldon House Gallery

goldon house gallery is the face of individuality – photo: john alexander


Meet Vincent Golshani. The rules never sat well with painter Vincent Golshani, and that has made all the difference; just ask Salvador Dali, whose endorsement of Golshani came in the form of a pink plaster mask with which Golshani accouters each of his original works.

 Golshani’s gallery, Goldon House Gallery, has become one of the most successful in the country, often selling more works in one month than most will in a year. It is among Savannah’s many cultural gems. But the sales and attention don’t excite Golshani as much as the thousands of handwritten notes around the gallery that fans send to thank him for making a difference in their lives. 
vincentgolshani.com / 912. 238.0220